September 2021

Turkey Weekly 01 – 05 September

Turkey Today – 5 September 2021

70-year old ill prisoner Mehmet Ali Çelebi, who was suffering from blood cancer and released from Sincan Prison on 25 August due to the worsening of his illness, died in the hospital where he was treated.

14 bar associations released a common statement regarding 7-year-old Mihrac Miroğlu died as a result of being hit by an armored vehicle in İdil. Hunger strike in Turkish prisons against solitary confinement of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan enters day 283. 
Şenyaşar Family’s search for justice continues on day 181. The family lost three members as a result of the attacks of AKP Deputy İbrahim Halil Yıldız and his relatives.  

CHP will send a delegation, led by Vice-chair Oğuz Kaan Salıcı, to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. 
Covid-19: Health Ministry reported 19,391 new infections and 269 deaths in the last 24 hours.

Turkey Today – 4 September 2021

7-year-old Mihrac Miroğlu died as a result of being hit by an armored vehicle in İdil / Şırnak. 

Three siblings and two relatives of Gurdegır who was tortured under custody were arrested today on charges of “assisting a member of an organization”. 

83-year-old Mehmet Emin Özkan, who has been in prison for 26 years and is held responsible for the death of Brigadier General Bahtiyar Aydın, who was shot by JİTEM, is still in prison despite serious health problems. 

The Saturday Mothers came together in the week 858 to ask those responsible for the death of Kenan Bilgin. He disappeared after detention in Ankara by civil police in September 1995. 

Covid-19: 20,033 new infections and 278 deaths registered in the last 24 hours. 

Turkey Today – 3 September 2021

The European Court of Human Rights has pronounced its judgement on an imam from Diyarbakır who was convicted of “propagandizing for the PKK” over the pictures that he had shared on Facebook. The imam will be paid damages. 

The trial of former HDP MP Çağlar Demirel was held in Diyarbakır. A prison sentence of up to 30 years was demanded. 

HDP Şırnak deputies demanded establishment of a Parliamentary Investigation Commission for 21 civilians who lost their lives during a 9-day curfew in Cizre in 2015. 

The “Social Media Directorate,” a body that would inspect social media posts for disinformation, will be established under a new law to be proposed in October. 
FOX TV reporter Barış Kaya was not allowed in a press conference by the ruling AKP Spokesperson Ömer Çelik. 

Health minister: 90 percent of the hospitalized Covid patients and 90 percent of those who recently died of Covid-19 in Turkey were not fully vaccinated. 

Covid-19: Health Ministry reported 22,857 new infections and 276 deaths in the last 24 hours. 

Turkey Today – 2 September 2021

The opening ceremony of the new judicial year began with the prayers of Court of Cassation President Akarca, President Erdoğan and President of Religious Affairs Erbaş. 

The Constitutional Court accepted HDP’s demand for extension of time to file defense in closure case. 

A 450-gram body part (only remaining part of her body) of Hediye Balur who lost her life in Mount Bagok is not returned to the family despite the DNA match. 
Dismissed by Ankara University and reinstated in her position by an administrative court ruling, Assoc. Prof. Meltem Kayıran has been dismissed again by the Rector’s Office following its appeal to the upper court. 

The Turkish Interior Ministry said that Syrian refugees who are living in the capital Ankara but are registered in other provinces will be sent back to their official city of residence.

Turkish Foreign Minister: Turkey won’t accept EU’s “pay to keep refugees away” approach. 

Covid-19: 23,496 new infections and 283 deaths registered in the last 24 hours. 

Turkey Today – 1 September 2021

An investigation has been launched against Jinnews reporter Öznur Değer for her posts and news about the murder of Dedeoğulları family  in Konya.

Ahead of the events to be held on the occasion of September 1 World Peace Day, meetings and demonstrations have been banned in İstanbul’s Bakırköy and Eskişehir for 5 and 15 days respectively. 

Ankara Governor’s Office bans peace rally against racism. 
AKP, MHP agreed to lower election threshold to 7 pct, says far-right leader Devlet Bahçeli. 

Today a new forest fire broke out in Tunceli. 
In a parliamentary question addressing Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, TİP MP Barış Atay asked if authorities have been investigating allegations that a car which ran over and killed 11-year-old child in Bitlis on Aug. 24 belongs to a corps commander.

Protest of academics and students at Boğaziçi University against the appointment of a rector by President Erdoğan continues. 
Covid-19: Health Ministry reported 23,946 new infections and 290 deaths in the last 24 hours.