Commentaries #22

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Anti-intellectualism and discrediting of critical academics in Turkey: an approach to the Turkish-Kurdish conflictby Serhat Tutkal, Universidad Nacional de Colombia Executive summary:  This essay focuses on the anti-intellectualism in Turkey in relation to the oppression, persecution, and discrediting of critical… Continue reading

Commentaries #21

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Kurdistan under new qttacksby Terry Saltsmann and Prof. Michael Gunter  The Turkish November 19, 2022, attack on Rojava dubbed Operation Claw-Sword was reputedly launched in retaliation for the earlier November 13 bomb attack on Istanbul’s sleek shopping district known as… Continue reading

Statement on Paris Attack

Dear Sir or Madam,Please find below our statement regarding the attack against Kurds in Paris. Kind regards Prof. Kariane Westrheim EUTCC Chairperson  STOP TURKEY’S ATTACKS ON EUROPEAN SOIL Only two weeks before the 10th anniversary of the assassination of Kurdish politicians Sakine Cansız, Fidan Doğan and Leyla… Continue reading

Newsletter November 2022

Dear Sir or Madam,Please find below our monthly newsletter.Kind regards  Prof. Kariane Westrheim  Chairperson  EUTCC Statement  Stop Turkey’s military offensive EUTCC Urgent Panel Debate  The speakers will look at the report of IPPNW on the use of chemical weapons… Continue reading