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Turkey Report by EP Committee on Foreign Affairs MEPs 

In spite of Turkey’s repeated declarations on the objective of EU accession, over the past two years the country has consistently gone back on its commitments in relation to the accession process, warn EP Committee on Foreign Affairs MEPs in their 2021 report on Turkey.

Statement by HDP Foreign Affairs Spokespersons Feleknas Uca and Hişyar Özsoy on the prison sentence against CHP İstanbul Provincial Chair Canan Kaftancıoğlu Approval of the prison sentences against CHP İstanbul Provincial Chair Canan Kaftancıoğlu should be seen as another crackdown on government opposition ahead of the presidential and parliamentary elections.

Statement by HDP Women’s Assembly “As we have always stated, HDP is a women’s party. The government, well aware of this fact, blatantly attacks not only a political party but also the will of women.”

Bianet Male Violence Monitoring Report May 2022Men inflicted violence on at least 64 women, abused at least 22 girls and boys, harassed at least 11 women, and forced 65 women to do sex work.

Resolution by the European Parliament on the verdict in the Gezi Case and Osman Kavala’s life sentence

EUTCC Commentaries #17Turkey’s Military Urbanism and Neocolonial Architecture in Kurdish Cities
by Diren Taş, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich – Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Executive Summary: This commentary focuses on how the Turkish state facilitates military urbanism as revanchist and racialized mechanisms of collective punishment to suppress grassroots mobilization, oppositional politics, and resistance in Kurdish cities. Based on an ethnographic case study in Sur, Diyarbakır, it shows how neocolonial urban policies are employed to annihilate, displace, and dispossess localities while replacing them with standardized, bordered, and financialized architectures of state security and control. Mass scale destructions, militarized policies, and coercive restructuring in Kurdish cities reveal the state’s emergent spatial strategy to recolonize the region at the urban level. The state dominates, frames, and reconfigures Kurdish urbanities so as to eliminate alternatives, opposition, and challenges to its existing and deepening hegemony.
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