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Wave of arrests in Turkey

Police raids took place in several cities today. More than 150 people, among them numerous journalists, lawyers and politicians were arrested. This marks a new and worrying stage in the election campaign, showing that Erdoğan’s AKP-MHP coalition is using all means to stay in power. Especially the Kurdish and the democratic electorate are the focus of the attacks.

Precisely these circles – the Green Left alliance with the HDP – are decisive for the outcome of the elections and thus also for the imperative need to vote out President Erdoğan and his AKP-MHP coalition.
These repressions are unacceptable and require a clear response from the European Union and the European institutions. The Council of Europe, which will accompany the elections with a 40-member delegation led by Social Democrat Frank Schwabe, must take the above aspects into account.
The EUTCC calls on the Council of Europe and the European Union to take a position without delay. The Council of Europe must adapt its plans for election observation accordingly.

Prof. Dr. Kariane WestrheimEUTCC Chairperson
Dersim DağdevirenEUTCC Board member

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