Newsletter 07/2020

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As EU Turkey Civic Commission we are pleased to send you our first newsletter.

From now on we would like to provide you with a monthly newsletter with import information about the EU, Turkey and the Kurds.

You can also find current information about these topic on our homepage and Social Media channels.

We are looking forward to a more intensiv exchange.

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About the EUTCC

For 16 years, the EU Turkey Civic Commission organised annual international conferences in the European Parliament, focusing on the Kurdish question and democratic processes in Turkey.

Letter of MEP’s to HR/VP Josep Borrell

69 MEP’s are calling on HR/VP Josep Borrell for immediate action to stop Turkey’s attacks against peace and democracy, in Kurdistan and everywhere.

Letter of EUTCC to HR/VP Josep Borrell

On the occasion of the meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council on 13 July, we sent a letter to HR/VP JosepBorrell to draw the attention to the recent deplorable Turkish disregard for human rights, democracy, and the very rule of domestic/international law.

Democracy Matrix – Turkey declines from deficient democracy to moderate autocracy

The democratic matrix of Germany’s University of Würzburg has classified Turkey as a moderate autocracy, ranking it 140th among 179 countries.

Turkey’s crackdown on political opposition finds a favored target: Elected Kurdish mayors

The appointment of trustees to HDP municipalities as well as detention and arrest of mayors continues. All of 65 municipalities but 10 are taken over. Please find below the interview of Kareem Fahim with HDP mayor of Kars.

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