Newsletter 10/2020

PACE resolution on Turkey’s crackdown against opposition

PACE’s Standing Committee has strongly condemned new crackdowns on political opposition and civil dissent in recent months in Turkey and urged the Turkish authorities to “take meaningful steps” to improve standards in the field of democracy, rule of law and human rights

Letter of MEPs to EP President concerning North-Syria

Following the report of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic on war crimes in Northern Syria, 68 MEPs have written a letter to the EP president, demanding to form a special delegation of elected parliamentarians to travel to the regions of the Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria and calling on the Turkish military and their auxiliary forces to end their illegal occupation in North-Syria and retreat from the region.

EUTCC Statement on arrest of HDP politicians
It is not acceptable for a country to attack lawfully elected politicians, steel elections and violate human rights on a daily basis.
The EUTCC urges the European Commission and the Council of Europe to take concrete measures against Turkey immediately.

European Commission 2020 report on Turkey – Key findings

Despite the lifting of the state of emergency in July 2018, the adverse impacts of the two-year long emergency ruling continued to significantly impact on democracy and fundamental rights. The constitutional architecture continued centralising powers at the level of the Presidency without ensuring a sound and effective separation of powers between the executive, legislative and the judiciary. The situation in the south-east continued to be very worrying. Arrests and dismissals of elected mayors and party representatives continued and seriously damaged local democracy.

Statement of Human Rights Watch on crackdown against HDP

“Detaining politicians from a party that won nearly 12 percent of the vote in the 2018 general election is part of the Turkish government’s policy to criminalize political opposition.”

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