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>EUTCC Commentaries #12 by Dr. Emre Turkut: On the Collateral Impact of Turkey’s Authoritarian Turn: Re-securitization of the Kurdish Issue and the Kurds’ Struggle for Minority Recognition and Self-Determination 

Executive Summary: Since the collapse of the peace process in 2015, the Turkish Government has sought to turn every move towards Kurdish rights into an existential threat – a process led to the re-securitization of the Kurdish question. Ever since the descent of Turkey into an authoritarian polity has begun in the aftermath of the June 2015 elections, the Kurdish minority has suffered a brutal crackdown marked by high of political imprisonment and greater restrictions on freedom of assembly and association and on electoral aspects of self-determination. This commentary will take a closer look at the dire consequences of the collateral impact of Turkey’s authoritarian turn on the Kurdish political movement from the perspectives of minority rights and self-determination.

>Press release by European Parliament’s Chair of the Delegation to the EU-Turkey Joint Parliamentary Committee Sergey Lagodinsky on the latest court decision regarding Osman Kavala It confirms once again that Turkey is in a deep judicial and democratic crisis.

>Statement by the lawyers of the Kobanî CaseLegal defence is under grave threat!

>Information note by HDP Foreign Affairs Co-Spokespersons Feleknas Uca and Hişyar Özsoy regarding the latest developments in the Kobanî caseIn dialogue with HDP’s lawyers and legal affairs commission, we are writing this statement to inform you about alarming unlawful developments that undermine the possibility of a fair trial in the Kobanî case, which was launched against 108 people, including former co-hairs as well as all other members of the party’s Central Executive Board in 2014, based on bogus terrorism-related charges.

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