Commentaries #17

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Turkey’s Military Urbanism and Neocolonial Architecture in Kurdish Cities |by Diren Taş, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich – Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology |Executive Summary: This commentary focuses on how the Turkish state facilitates military urbanism as revanchist and… Continue reading

Newsletter May 2022

Dear Sir or Madam,Please find below our monthly newsletter. Kind regards Kariane Westrheim EUTCC Chairperson  Turkey Report by EP Committee on Foreign Affairs MEPs In spite of Turkey’s repeated declarations on the objective of EU accession, over the past two years the country has… Continue reading

Newsletter April 2022

Dear Sir or Madam, please find below our monthly newsletter.  Kind regards Prof. Kariane Westrheim Chairperson  … Statement on Turkey’s cross-boarder military offensive Turkey launched another large-scale military offensive in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq on the evening of 17 April. Attacks on northern… Continue reading

Commentaries #16

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Environmental Racism and Resistance in Kurdistan |by Pınar Dinç, Lund University |Executive Summary: Delisting the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) as a terrorist organization would be a bold, imaginative move by Turkey, the European Union (EU), and the United States (US),… Continue reading