Stop Turkey’s war on Northern Syria

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Please find below and attached our statement regarding Turkey’s war on Northern Syria.

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Prof. Kariane Westrheim 

EUTCC ChairpersonĀ 

Stop Turkey’s war on Northern Syria

Turkey has been bombing northern Syria since October 4, 2023. Civilians and critical infrastructure are targeted in the attacks. The day before, the Turkish Foreign Minister and former head of intelligence Hakan Fidan openly announced these attacks.

While the international community rightly speaks of crimes against humanity and international law in relation to Russia’s war against Ukraine, condoning silence prevails in relation to NATO member Turkey.

This double standard is intolerable. International law and human rights are universal.

The international community and all international organizations, first and foremost the United Nations, the European Union, and the Council of Europe, are called upon to react immediately. These crimes against humanity must be internationally outlawed and met with sanctions.

EU Turkey Civic Commission
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