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Our statement: Anti-Kurdish Policy from Turkey to Europe
We call on the European Union member states not to support Turkey’s anti-Kurdish policy. Freedom of the press & international law are universal values that must be protected and defended.

Council of Europe Congress statement on election observation mission to Turkey:
“However, we regretted that, for the first time in over 120 Congress missions, one delegation member was not granted accreditation…. In line with the Council of Europe principles of democracy, rule of law and human rights, more needs to be done to ensure a political and media environment where there is genuine freedom of expression and a reasonable and well-implemented framework overseen by an independent judiciary.”

Statement by DEM Party: We urge the AKP Government to respect the will of the people of Van!
We call upon all supporters of democratic principles to condemn this course of action. Respecting the will of the people is fundamental to the essence of democracy.

Our statement: Turkey has voted against AKP & Erdoğan
A democratic transformation process can be initiated only if the causality between the democratisation of the country / region & a political solution to the Kurdish question is seen.

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