PR: Anti-Kurdish Policy from Turkey to Europe

After the local elections on 31 March – the AKP suffered significant losses – which this gave hope for political change. Several European politicians already saw the end of the era under President Erdoğan.

But the sad fact is that only three weeks later, Turkey intensified its attacks on the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in violation of international law, this happened shortly before Turkish President Erdoğan’s visit there and in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, and in parallel to German President Steinmeier’s visit to Turkey.

At the same time, the studios of the Kurdish TV stations Medya Haber and Sterk in Belgium were searched, while nine Kurdish journalists were arrested in Turkey. These attacks on press freedom are unacceptable. The Kurdish media landscape has played a key role in ensuring that opposition voices from Turkey were heard in the local elections.

Belgium has not yet drawn any conclusions from the attacks by Turkish fascists on Kurds in connection with the Newroz celebrations in March, which would be urgently needed.

We call on the European Union member states not to support Turkey’s anti-Kurdish policy. Freedom of the press and international law are universal values that must be protected and defended.

EU Turkey Civic Commission
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