Newsletter 01/2021

European Parliament resolution on the human rights situation in Turkey, notably the case of Selahattin Demirtaş and other prisoners of conscience

First EUTCC Roundtable Debate
The first EUTCC Roundtable Debate, entitled “The US, Turkey and the Middle East: continuities, challenges and options” was held on January 26.
Speakers: HDP MP Hişyar Özsoy, Representative of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria to the US Sinam Mohamad and former CIA official Graham E. Fuller
Introduction and moderation: EUTCC Secretary-General Michael Gunter, US

Bianet Male Violence Monitoring Report 2020
In 2020, men killed at least 284 women and 26 children, abused 265 children, forced 818 women to sex work, inflicted violence on 792 women and harassed 147 women in Turkey

EUTCC Interview in German about EU – Turkey relations and the EUTCC conferences in the European Parliament
Speakers: former MEP & chair of The Left Gabi Zimmer, former MEP Jürgen Klute and HDP MP & former MEP Feleknas Uca
Moderation: EUTCC board member Dersim Dağdeviren, Germany

Save the date
2nd EUTCC Roundtable Debate
“EU-Turkey relations: cooperations, conflicts and controversies”
2 March 2021
4 pm CET

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