EUTCC Interview

EUTCC Conferences & Political realities in the context of EU, Turkey, Middle East & the Kurds then & now

Speakers: EUTCC board members Prof. K. Westrheim, Norway & Prof. M. Gunter, US Moderator: Dr. J. Miley, EUTCC board member, UK 

EUTCC Interview (German):

EUTCC Conferences & EU – Turkey Relations 19.01.2021Speakers: HDP MP & former MEP Feleknas Uca, Turkey, former MEP and chair of The Left Gabi Zimmer, Germany & former MEP Jürgen Klute, Germany Moderator: Dersim Dağdeviren, EUTCC board member

First EUTCC Roundtable Debate

The US, Turkey and the Middle East: continuities,  challenges and options26.01.2021Speakers: HDP MP Hişyar Özsoy, Representative of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria to the US Sinam Mohamad & former CIA official Graham E. Fuller Introduction and moderation: EUTCC Secretary-General Michael Gunter, US

EUTCC Interview: 

Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Turkey and the Kurds 02.02.2021Speakers: PPT President Dr. Philippe Texier, France, & PPT Secretary-General Dr. Gianni Tognoni, ItalyModerator: Fréderike Geerdink, journalist, Netherlands 

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