Statement The Turkish army offensive on the territory of the KRG

Press Release1 June 2021For immediate release 

The Turkish army offensive on the territory of the Kurdistan Regional Government

40 days ago, the Turkish Armed Forces launched another large-scale military offensive against the territory of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) – Iraq. Turkey’s military attacks represent a breach of the country’s sovereignty and can only be described as an occupation of KRG-Iraq. Since the 1990s, there have been repeated cross-border attacks by the Turkish army. In the meantime, Turkey has established 47 military bases in the region. 

In the wake of these attacks several villages have been looted and destroyed, leaving behind hundreds of dead civilians, while thousands have fled the catastrophic attacks or have been displaced from their hometowns.   
Considering Turkey’s aggressive expansionist policy in the region, the interventions in northern Syria must not go unmentioned and unconsidered. With its policy, Turkey is a central factor and actor of instability in the Middle East. 

As EUTCC, we strongly condemn this military offensive and occupation, which is contrary to international law. 

However, we would especially like to express our disappointment that these military activities of Turkey, which clearly violate international law, are silently accepted by the European institutions. The EU, which is committed to international law, must introduce any sanctions, especially those concerning the military sector and those responsible, and immediately put an end to Turkey’s aggressive war policies in Kurdistan.

Prof. Kariane Westrheim EUTCC Chairperson 
Dersim Dağdeviren EUTCC Board member  

EU Turkey Civic Commission
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